The Fairplay EVE ECO Street Legal Electric Car. EVE Electric Vehicle Engineering
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EVE Electric Car

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Can you give me an overview of the vehicle?
The EVE vehicles is a street legal electrical vehicle that reaches a required speed of 20 to 25 mph and can be driven by a licensed driver on streets with posted speed limits of 35 mph or lower for 2 passengers in almost every state. It is equipped with safety features established by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regarding Low Speed Vehicles.

What are some of the safety features found on the EVE vehicle?
The EVE comes with; both passenger and drive side rear view mirrors, three point over the shoulder seat belt restraint for both driver and passenger, four wheel brake system, DOT windshield and tires, head lights, tail lights, turn signal indicators, red rear reflectors, side amber reflectors and horn. Optional electric windshield wiper and third brake light assembly are available for a reasonable price.

Explain the electric motor?
The EVE motor is a quiet D/C or Direct Current 6 HP motor made in the USA. It is designed to meet the required speeds of a Low Speed Vehicle. The motor has a braking feature that under certain conditions will assist with slowing the vehicle. A controller assembly works in conjunction with the accelerator to deliver needed power to the motor.

What kinds of batteries power the vehicle?
We use a very dependable and cost effective bank of lead acid deep cycle batteries. They are made for long periods of use and recharging. These are “wet” batteries and require routine watering. The biggest mistake is to over fill or under fill the batteries. Always fill (top off to the proper level) after charging. Only add water before charging if plates are exposed when inspecting the water level. Watering systems can be easily installed to reduce the watering time.

How do the batteries get recharged?
Each EVE vehicle comes with a battery charger specially designed for the batteries installed in the vehicle. You simply plug it into a standard home wall outlet with 20 Amp service with 110 Volts. The user manual will give you the full details on charging.

How long will the charge cycle take?
Depending on the condition of the batteries, for best results allow 10 to 12 hours for a complete cycle.

What is the range of the EVE?
The range will improve after the vehicle is broken in and the batteries have been charged fifty times. With a full charge and moderate road conditions and speeds, an EVE vehicle should travel up to 25 miles per charge.

How often should the batteries be charged?
When used regularly, it is not necessary to charge the vehicle after short use or just a few minutes of driving. For extended use of over 5 miles or 1 hour, the batteries should be put though a full charging cycle. If not in use, every 30 days will keep the batteries fresh.

What is the lifetime of the batteries?
When properly maintained (terminal connections cleaned, watered properly and charged per instructions) the batteries can last for three to five years.

EVE Street LEgal Electric Car 

100% electric, two-seater vehicle
with dot approved safety and comfort

MSRP $6695*
Horsepower 6 hp high speed
w/ regenerative braking
Kilowatts 4.41 kw
Controller 400 amp
Electrical System 48 volt
Batteries 6x8 Volt Trojan T-875
Charger 17 amp lester
Speed 23-25 mph
Weight 1166 lbs
Width 47.25 in
Length 95.25 in
Can Height 71.5 in
Load Capacity 755 lbs

Fairplay EVE Features

Front wheel hydraulic disc brakes & Self adjusting Dual Rear Mechanical Drum
Self Compensating Rack and Pinion
Independent Leaf w/ Dual
Hydraulic Shocks
10”x8” w/ Hubcap

Download:  EVE Catalog / EVE Owners Manual

EVE Electric Cars
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The Fairplay EVE ECO Street Legal Electric Car. EVE Electric Vehicle Engineering
The Fairplay EVE ECO is for Sale at Boyertown Golf Carts, Boyertown, PA Customize Yours Today.